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The company Solution Medical Care started operations in 2001 and is engaged in the import, distribution and marketing of medical materials and devices high and stable quality of internationally recognized foreign firms.

It's exclusive representative in Greece of firms:
• MMS Netherlands (Medical Measurement systems) (Urodynamic gastrointestinal machinery)
• Optomic Spain (Colposcopes and endoscopes)
• Silimed Brazil (Silicone)
• Curan Netherlands (self-lubricated catheters)
• Neomedic International Spain (Movies incontinence netting)
• Comen China (Monitor patient-ECG)
• Elmed (lithotripter)
• Degania Israel (Foley catheters and silicone products)
• Sonoscape China (Ultrasound-Biochemical and gastroscopy)
• Vigeo Srl Italy (biopsy needles)
• Rimos Srl Italy (IVF and needle biopsy)
It also introduces many other products from foreign companies within the framework of simple representation and distribution.

The company ranks in the broader business sector of Medical Equipment and Services. The rapid evolution of medicine in recent decades has resulted in the finding and continuous development of less traumatic therapies and more diagnostic tools, thereby improving the patient's position, ensuring quality of life and reducing the total cost of treatment and hospitalization.

The Solution Medical has the following general categories of Products
• Medical equipment of most specialties
• Hospital-Medical Equipment
• Diagnostic equipment and devices
• Incontinence Products (self-lubricating catheters External caths- diapers), etc.
• silicone implant for aesthetic reasons and surgical repair
• SANITARY for all specialties
• Products in home care and personal care
• Surgical materials and machinery
• Disability equipment and rehabilitation products

The Solution Medical cover most medical specialties and many areas of medicine, having the appropriate medical equipment and supplies.

The main areas of engagement where the company has great expertise are:

In home care, specializing in incontinence products
General Urology
Plastic surgery
General surgery

The company's goal is to import innovative materials and representing only reputable and famous foreign brands, internationally renowned, and even more to continuously bring new products to facilitate medical practice and make life easier for the patient.

Solution Medical aims to continuously improve its position in the industry through:
the expansion of activities in the field with new products and new services, and the ability to adapt to new data.

To achieve these objectives the company has:
Excellent organization.
Scientific partners with appropriate and ongoing training.
Staffed technical department.
Fully updated website with daily updates on the ongoing support and facilitation of its customers.
Organization, which allows prompt delivery of products.
With the current organization Solution in scientific information, and timely delivery of products to the end user, geographically covering Greece and Cyprus, from its own offices and warehouse in Thessaloniki and having a branch store in Athens.

The operation of Solution Medical from the beginning and for all the previous years, showing solid growth both in clerical staff and in developing new customers.
In the following years Solution Medical wishes, not only to ensure similar growth rates, but above all to maintain the position that has conquered the market continuing to provide excellent scientific coverage in all areas of medical technology in which engaged.

The company has a certified quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001: 2000,  ISO 13485 for the distribution and production of medical devices.


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