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Bionic eye gives "light" in blind

Australian scientists have made the world's first innovative implantation of a 'bionic' eye in a blind woman from Victoria, which managed to see small specks of light for the first time in twenty years.
"Suddenly I could see a slight glow," says excited Diane Asgouorth, mother of two children.
Implantation was hospitalized in Royal Eye and Ear Hopsital of Melbourne and according to Professor David Peningkton the Bionic Vision Australia, the "bionic eye" is very likely to eventually allow patients to have a "useful vision."

The bionic eye developed by a team of scientists and Australian regards implanting a miniature device that is connected to electrodes 24 in the eyes of patients who have vision problems. The electrodes send electrical impulses to the eye of neurons, substituting the process that occurs naturally in humans without problems.
"The next big step will be when you start implantation of whole appliances," he says.
Scientists believe that the eye will probably result in vision only in black and white scale, but eventually will allow patients to move independently.

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