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Possibility of prevention of cancer and metastases with nanotechnology

Efforts to prevent cancer and metastases with designing and use of nanoparticles were able to succeed in experimenting American researchers. The new way to deal provides that the nanoparticles will diffused into the body through the blood circulation will "apply" on the cancer cells destroying them.

The most dangerous and fatal stage of a tumor is spreading and multiplication, as the researchers pointed out features of Cornell University in New York in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
After the diagnosis of cancer, the most important factor that directly affects the life expectancy of the sick, if there is metastasis of the disease. "90% of cancer deaths associated with metastasis," said Dr.. Michael King, chief scientist of the University.
Having this in mind, the researchers proceeded to design a new way of dealing with metastases. Tethering antitumor protein Trail and other "sticky" proteins to nanoparticles. Subsequently, the nanoparticles were introduced into the blood stream and ligated in leukocytes.
Experimental observations have shown that white blood cells "fall onto" in every cancer cell that had become detached from the main body and trying to create metastases. The contacting of the tumor cells with the protein Trail brought their death.
Dr.. King noted the value of research results and stated that "Our results are considered notable, the tests we made in human blood samples, but also in animals. After two hours of blood circulation, tumor cells were literally destroyed. "
The use of nanoparticles must precede the surgical removal of cancer or chemotherapy, and in the case of aggressive tumors, Dr. said. King.

Further investigation of the positive findings of the reesearch may be necessary. Larger scale studies will demonstrate sufficient safety in the use of nanoparticles in humans.
Finally, the experimental data to date show that the nanoparticles have a negative impact on the immune system and do not destroy the walls of blood vessels or the blood cells.

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