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WET STOP 3 Wired nocturnal enuresis system Κ:00-05454

Code: 00-05454

Treatment of nocturnal enuresis without medication!
Enuresis is one of the most common disorders of childhood, concern for parents and the child. According to the American DSM-IV nocturnal enuresis classification system is defined as "involuntary loss of urine during the night sleep at least 2 times a week, children over 5 years when is not caused by problems of the central nervous system or consequences resulting from the use of substances such as diuretics."

The innovative device Wake WET STOP 3 is used for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis.
The apparatus detects the humidity caused by urination. It consists of an alarm associated with a moisture sensor cable. The alarm is held in pajamas or in the child's shirt with a magnetic clip and has 5 different sounds for the case that the user is used to it and do not react to any sound. The sensor is embedded in a clip that allows holding it on the child's underwear.

How to use nocturnal enuresis alarm
Test before first use
Open the lid on the back of the alarm and insert two AAA batteries. If the batteries are full and you entered them correctly, the white button on the side of the device will flash. Connect the cable to the sensor on the device. Open the clip, insert into a damp cloth and close the clip. The alarm works properly if it starts to vibrate or play the selected sound. To stop the alarm (do reset) hold the white button for 3-4 seconds and disconnect the cable to the sensor or wipe it to dry completely.

In other words, the alarm will not stop ringing or vibrating without holding down the white button for 3-4 seconds and either pull the cable or wipe the sensor. To dry the sensor you can use a dry towel or toilet paper. Sometimes the humidity present in your hands can cause activation of the alarm. If this happens simply reset the alarm by following the above procedure.

Open the lid for the batteries. There you will find a switch that has three options: V = vibrate only, A = alarm only, or VA = vibrate and alarm. Put it in the desired position and close the lid again. Connect the device with pajamas using a magnetic clip. If it does not suits you, you can use a nanny who will go through the hole that is slightly above the magnetic clip. Then enter the cable to the sensor beneath the shirt and use the clip to attach the child's underwear.

Try to place it as close to the area that will come out urine. Make sure it is well secured. Even a very small amount of moisture can activate the sensor, so make sure your underwear is dry before you apply it. In the case of nocturnal enuresis the alarm will start ringing. Turn off following the procedure described in the previous paragraph. Then wear the child a new dry underwear and reconnect the alarm and sensor.

Help from parents
During the child's education for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis and they may need to help your child in the process of awakening, deactivation of the alarm and repositioning. Often the first days of application the child can not keep up to urinate in the toilet and wets the bed. Afterwards your child will begin to hold urine more and it will rains less and less his bed and starts urinating in the toilet. Eventually the child should begin to wake up just feel the need to urinate and the alarm will not ring. It can sometimes hit but the wetting will be limited only in underwear and bed will be dry. After one (1) to three (3) months, the child will begin not to wet the bed at all. It can of course some days getting wet again, so the alarm should stop when it managed not to rain his bed for a straight month. If the child rains his bed for two or more days in a row and has solved the problem of nocturnal enuresis should begin using again the Wet-Stop3. In these cases, nocturnal enuresis is easier to correct.

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