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Golem F1 Boom Gynecological-Urological

Code: 00-03415

Firm: RQL

Golem  F1  is  first  table  which  connects  resourceful  and  impressive  design  with top-class functions. Together it gives satisfaction for all Your request, is carefully for
patients, make Your work easier and faster. Moreover Golem F1 looks really great.
Complete  adjustable  of  all  segments  by  6  electromotors:  height  adjustable, trendelenburg, back segment, head segment, leg segment and foot supports.
Full  synchronic  adjustable  of  all  positions  of  table-top  in  same  time  with full-load.
There are 4 memories to save most useable positions for your comfort.
Low starting high only 650 mm provide for enter on table without step.
Modern  foot  supports  which  makes  possible  to  sit  patient,  put  legs  to support on the floor, flowing changeover to examination gyneacology position
Easy  put  off  foot  supports  to  patient  can  be  load  from  side  of  table. (from wheelchair or transport table.)
Control of all motors by transparent hand-control, currently can be most use functions control by leg-pedals.
All  parts  are  covering  by  black  or  white  plastic  covers  with  high  brightness and UV filter.
Non-seam and detachable upholstery in colour of your choice.

Technical parametres:
Working area has width 600 mm. Complete length of area is 1 700 mm in lying
Length of segments: leg 400 mm, seat 400 mm, back 400 mm, head 500 mm.
Height adjustable by electromotor 650 – 950 mm.
Trendelenburg adjustable by electromotor 0° + 20°.
Back segment adjustable by electromotor 0° + 75°.
Head segment adjustable by electromotor - 20° + 50°.
Leg supports adjustable by electromotors from floor to examining position.
Required  place  for  table  800  x  1  500  mm  (in  seating  position)/1  700  mm
(in lying position).
Weight capacity 180 kg.

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