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Automatic defibrillator with monitor Heartsave AED-M  K:00-03979

Code: 00-03979

Firm: Primedic

The convincing feature of the PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave product line is its easy, safe and speedy operation. With the new biphasic "Current Controlled Defibrillation" pulse, we are setting new standards in defibrillation technology. The device performs an automatic ECG analysis within 12 seconds and decides whether a defibrillation is necessary. Then a touch of a button is enough to trigger the life-saving electric pulse that eliminates the ventricular fibrillation. Thus, valuable seconds and minutes are used to save life.

• Defibrillation:
• Wave: biphasic, current controlled
• Energy 140-360 j
• Charging time: < 12 sec
• Operating modes: asynchronous

• ECG:
• Lead: II
• Patient's impedance range: 20-200 Ohm
• Heart rate: 30-300 per min

• VF/VT Detection
• Analysis time 6-12 sec
• VF threshold 0.2 mV
• Asystole threshold <0.2mV
• Artefact-Pacemaker detection

• Electrodes:
• Non polarized electrodes, 3 years storage
• Cable length 1.5 m

• LCD Monitor:
• 95 x 72 mm (diagonal 4.7"/120 mm)
• 320 x 240 (pixel size 0.36 x 0.36 mm)
• Storage battery status display
• Speed 25 mm/s
• Heart rate, number of defibrillation, number of VF/VT, total resuscitation time

• Data backup:
• Removable memory
• Voice recording

• Power supply:
• Lithium battery
• Battery: Lithium LiMnO2
• Battery storage: 6 years
• Discharges: 200
• Monitoring: 20 h
• Voltage: 6V

Automatic external defibrillator with integrated one-channel ECG, acoustic and optical user guidance, data backup and 6 years non rechargeable lithium battery life. Includes a monitor indicating operation duration ECG, heart rate, identified VF/VT. Vocal guidance in 3 languages.

Main features:
- One-button operation
- Intuitive and easy handling
- Status indicator
- Can be operated either by Lithium-Battery or Lithium-ion rechargeable Akupak Lite
- No energy selection required
- Current controlled defibrillation
- SaveCard, at least 24 hours, for internal ECG and voice recording
- Periodic self-test (daily, monthly, yearly)
- Dim. approx. 26 x 26 x 8.5 cm
- Weight approx.: 2 kg
- Compliance with environment tests for fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters
- German Lloyd certification (for use in maritime environments)
- For use only on patients >8 years or 25 kg, need save pads 33386/88

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