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Our company participates in the Collective Alternative Management System - "RECYCLING" (S.S.E.D.-RECYCLING)

The company

The Greek Recovery Recycling Corporation (E.E.A.A. SA) was established in December 2001 by industrial and commercial enterprises, or have packaged products in Greek market or manufacture various packages. The share capital of the System involved in 35% and the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (CGC). The E.E.A.A. complying with the provisions of Law 2939/01 and intending to fulfill the obligations of the package managers in an efficient and economically feasible manner, has developed and implemented in our country the Collective Alternative Management System - "RECYCLING" (S.S.E.D.-RECYCLING).

Operating Principles  


The function E.E.A.A. based on a number of fundamental principles that ensure the achievement of objectives and based on European practice. Summarized in the following points:


  • The contractual participation and service obligated packaging managers is on the same terms regardless of whether or not shareholders.
  • The equity participation is open to any person liable administrator so request under the same conditions as already shareholders.

  • The aim of E.E.A.A. is not to achieve positive economic effect, but the best use of financial resources available for the recovery of packaging waste. Precisely for this reason no dividend distribution to shareholders provided E.E.A.A. By decision of the Ministry of Finance, any positive annual accounting available transferred to a special reserve in order to be available for the purposes of E.E.A.A. in the following years.

  • The system activities aimed at the exploitation of packaging waste from municipal waste are developed in close cooperation with local authorities, as provided by the legal framework.
  • Equal treatment of all materials used by indebted their packaging.


of Environment, with the number 106 453 / 20.02.2003 Ministerial decision adopted by Packaging Collective Alternative Management System (S.S.E.D.-RECYCLING), organized by the E.E.A.A. and concerns the alternative management of packaging waste.

After the successful first six years of operation (2003-2009) with the number 118 019 / 18.03.09 decree ratified the renewal of the operating system and the B six years, ie 2009-2015.

Furthermore, S.S.E.D.-RECYCLING is the only Alternative Packaging Management System that serves the packaging of all non-hazardous products and then controls, the competent authorities have suggested granting the Certificate of Alternative Management (EE NA.) relieving this way affiliated companies from the legal obligation under the current legal framework.

The Collective Alternative Management System is for everyone who manage packages. It provides free and equal participation and provides the opportunity to fulfill their legal obligations optimally contributing effectively to the protection of the environment in our country.

Today (10/05/2011), the Collective Alternative Management System, S.S.E.D.-recycling, E.E.A.A. SA involving over 1680 companies across a range of business activities which, due to the number and size, covering most of the packaging waste.

The wide list of Contracted E.E.A.A. proves that the Collective Alternative Management System (S.S.E.D.-RECYCLING) has broad appeal and acceptance by all parties responsible packaging managers operating and operating in our country.




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